Poolside sauna

The client wished to enjoy a view of the existing pool area whilst bathing in the sauna. This was achieved with an angled glass door and full height glazed panel. Sauna360’s sophisticated Fusion heater, with steam generator, was used to allow a multi climate sauna to suit the varying tastes of house guests.



Working with existing decoration The big factor was to blend the sauna with the existing pool design. The height of the sauna follows the height of the doors situated on the same back wall and pale blonde Aspen wood was used for the exterior to tie in with the theme of the poolside tiling. 


A full height glass panel was combined with a glass door to provide bathers with extensive views of the surrounding pool area.




The sauna cabin was purpose built to fit into the restricted area surrounding the existing pool and falls to floor. Space was maximised by using an angled door and glass panels to achieve an open feeling within the sauna. 


Sauna360’s sophisticated Fusion sauna heater was used to enable multi-climate sauna. Using temperature and humidity sensing, the client can choose the precise blend of heat and steam to suit the occasion. From hot and dry to soft and balmy.