Sauna & Steam Suite within a Home Gym

At Sauna360 we were honoured to be asked by a top London architect to co-operate in the installation of a sauna and steam room in a new gym and wellness suite at his Surrey home.

The client had seen our design for a large sauna in a Mayfair mansion and the brief was to replicate this to more compact size to create an intimate family cabin.





The sauna was lined in special cut Blond Aspen contrasting delicate thin wall panelling, with close fitting bench boards and subtly angled furniture. The full width, low iron glass fascia gives a great feeling of space and excellent viewpoint of those still working out in the gym!



Steam Room:

The steam room was designed to be more discreet and twinned with a matching luxury bathroom. Our proposal was to decorate the room using beautiful Siminetti natural shell mosaic tiles throughout. These tiles with interesting random surface are nonetheless super thin and therefore perfect to suit the many contours usual in steam room design and are both durable and efficient.



To complete, we included a matching door to the bathroom with back painted glass and door lock for discretion.

The result: a stunning, statement installation in manageable size for regular home use!