Sauna & Steam Wellness Suite

Having purchased a beautiful plot in the Sussex Countryside, our client designed a luxury basement health suite with spectacular lighting effects. Sauna360 UK was invited to provide a specially designed bespoke sauna and steam room to complete this home spa.



Bespoke Sauna:


Our client came to us with a design idea for a modern, sleek sauna interior that did not use traditional horizontal or vertical wall panelling. Sauna360 UK was able to bring the client's ideas to life using bespoke sauna boards to create a clean, contemporary look that is just as efficient and comfortable whilst also achieving the desired aesthetic. 



A full glass fascia was used to complete the sauna allowing the client to enjoy a spectacular view of the indoor pool and bespoke space wall art beyond; featuring real still footage captured by the NASA Hubble Telescope!



Bespoke Steam Room:


Sauna360 also installed an opulent, bespoke steam room alongside the sauna. Finished in a deep blue glass mosaic with generous, sweeping roll front benches, the client is able to relax in comfort and style.