Outdoor Sauna

Not so long ago, all saunas were enjoyed outdoors - close to the house, and perhaps close to a lake. Today you can experience all the joys of that tradition with an authentic Sauna360 outdoor sauna tailored to your precise needs.


The Urban Sauna
Combining contemporary design with traditional construction we are proud to offer the best in modern, outdoor sauna.
Barrel Sauna
Constructed in sturdy 42mm thick selected Spruce boards into the pleasing barrel shape, they bring great character to the garden.
Timo Outdoor Sauna
At just under 2m square inside with L-shaped bench layout, the interior has ample space for family and friends and is fitted with smooth Alder wood furniture.
Mika Outdoor Sauna
Built to last a lifetime in 45mm Spruce Log, the clever design has the entrance in the end wall, allowing the cabin to fit neatly even in more restricted spaces
Kelo Outdoor Sauna
For those who are looking for something a little more special, there is nothing that rivals the traditional styling of the Kelo outdoor sauna.