Steam Suite with Integrated Twin Shower

Working with well known London designer, Robin Moore Ede, Sauna360 was invited to create a bespoke steam suite with Turkish Room and relaxation area joined by two shower towers – one entered from the steam room the other from outside. An open effect between rooms was achieved with a minimal partition in low iron glass giving the whole space a light airy feel - this is enhanced by a special dropped ceiling throughout the suite following the contours of the room with full perimeter shadow gap lighting. Robin Moore Ede’s intriguing mix of bespoke mosaic sea frieze and honed marble seating with subtle down lighting to the floor created a steam room which offers the ultimate in comfort and is visually stunning – truly a one-off!



Robin’s vision for this prestigious client was clear in the planning stages. The sketch up plan, and accompanying image below, gives a unique insight into how such projects start out and come to life when Sauna360 joins forces with top designers and architects.



Beautifully smooth lines and soft curves are created using honed marble bench seating. While soft underlighting creates the perfect atmosphere for a wonderfully relaxing home steam suite.



Sauna360’s luxury “A” series generator provides ample steam and heat with exclusive extras - Soft Steam maintaining constant humidity and Warm Start generating near instant steam at the touch of a button. 


The neat glass fascia used for the steam room complements the design of the curved adjoining shower room and creates a real feeling of space and tranquility whilst offering necessary separate areas within the bespoke steam suite.